Make Up and styling

Whether it’s a makeup for a photo shoot or just an important event Moira will help you look stunning

Price from $200


Concerts/TV/Film Makeup

Makeup that looks great in professional settings.

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Corporate Shootings

Makeup that looks great in professional settings

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Weddings Styling

From makeup for a bride, the bride’s mother, bridesmaids, and even the men in the party. Moira will help you look fantastic and natural for the whole day!

Price starting from $650


Subtle Make Up for men

When you need to look great in front of a camera or at an important event.

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Makeup masterclasses for women

Moira helps women to apply makeup themselves and look fantastic

Price $250 for a 2-hours masterclass


Tanning services

Spray tans are wonderful for brides, bridesmaids, and groom for a healthy-looking glow and very popular nowadays in all cultures across the board. more and more Asians are doing spray tans before their weddings The gorgeous natural glow gives contrast to white bridal gowns, also evens the coloring out for bridesmaids, giving the photographs a sense of unity in color for the bridal party.

Spray tans also can give the subtle effect of making one appear slimmer.
Spray tans are an excellent idea to do before going off to a resort for a holiday, one does not like to look pale and unhealthy in a bathing suit by the pool. Spray tans only last a short time, like 10 days while on a holiday. They are safe and do not do damage to the skin

Tattoo coverage

Moira is able to Cover and conceal tattoo with one color application. No neutralizers, correctors, or concealers needed. Moira uses the Dinair coverage system quickly hides Tattoos and discoloration with passes of the airbrush. Conceal without overcorrecting for a natural look. Xtreme is rub proof and waterproof. Coverage is smooth, fresh and flexible with no flaking, fading, or cracking. The Dinair Xtreme Coverage Technique camouflages tattoos completely in one coverage in seconds. Its Easier, Faster and Longer Lasting