Moira Coops

Makeup and Styling


Moira Coops is one of the most sought-after image stylists and make-up artists in the world. She has worked with some of the biggest names in business, politics, and entertainment including Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Maria Bartiromo, Beyonce, Sir Richard Branson, George Bush Sr., Prince Albert of Monaco, Deepak Chopra and many others.
Moira also provides media trainings in Oakemedia
Moira is based in Singapore, but she flies in for destination weddings or corporate shoots.


Makeup and Styling

Weddings Styling

TV/Film Makeup/Concerts/Red Carpet events

Corporate Shootings

Subtle Makeup for men

Makeup for women master-class

Additional services:

Tanning services

Tattoo coverage

Work with Moira

Moira does one-on-one makeup makeovers for women and men as well as specializing in TV work by guiding the anchors as to what to wear, how to look, hair, makeup, clothing choices, and posture, to name a few of her skills.

+65 9789 5262

What happy clients say

Отзыв 5

Moira is an amazing makeup artist and stylist. She instantly puts her clients at ease and gets the most amazing results. I have worked with Moira in the past and she always approaches her work with passion, energy, and enthusiasm. She’s great for everything from weddings to corporate work and easily the best and most experienced makeup artist in Singapore.

Отзыв 4

Moira is a pleasure to work with! She’s professional, knows what works and what doesn’t to bring out the best in her clients, whether they’re going for an onscreen look, a social event, or helping her client learn how to bring out the best in themselves.

Отзыв 3

I have worked many times with Moira, she’s reliable, and makes every lady and man look fabulous! As a photographer, I really love working with her! Each customer is impressed by her make-up! Thanks, Moira!!

Отзыв 2

Moira is an angel! Her years of experience in the industry & her vast knowledge in her field of expertise is priceless. She brings her heart to work & shines her wisdom & love to all around her.

Отзыв 1

Moira creates magic with her makeup and brushes. She is a remarkable beautiful lady inside and out with that special something, the X factor. A true artist in her field

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